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Collecting Rent For Your Investment

We make sure you get paid on time, every time

Salt Lake City Rent Collection

For rental property, the rent collection is the main issue that the owner usually sees offended. Rent collection sounds easy and comes in one time and then goes on, but sometimes, even well-screened tenants can hit a difficult patch.

For this issue, our Hero Property Management has designed a well-organized rent collection system.

The Process

The bottom line is we are aggressive rent collectors! We have as much skin in the game as you do to collect at all times, no exception's.

Payment Process

No need to worry, by paying through our online portal we can guarantee that it is safe and secure. Once rent is paid it will be sent to ACH, there it will verify the amount. Then the payment will be sent directly to the owners trusted account.

Offer Tenants

We offer tenants with incentives on paying rent at the time. By doing this we can get more consistency with rent.

Automated Collection

In some cases, tenants will not pay on time or possibly not at all. We have an automated collection that will go through their accounts to take the money needed for rent. But no need to stress the issue will quickly be resolved with renters if this does end up happening. Again communication is our number one priority for our clients and customers.

Ease Of Technology

Nowadays we live in a world where everything is at the touch of a button. We use the best software to help with this headache, it defiantly makes life a lot easier to track and create reports at any given time.

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