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Move-In Instructions

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Congratulations! You’ve now selected a perfect property to stay in and we are excited to be working with you. As you prepare to move in we have a few items to make sure that you have a successful stay. When signing your lease we will supply you with a manual with information that you need to be able to help you enjoy and take care of your new home. We will also provide you with login information for your tenant account. Please keep the manual and information in a good place so you can use it to reference throughout your stay.

When moving into your new place make sure that within the first 3 days you go around your home thoroughly. You will have been provided with an inventory and condition form with photos to visually verify the conditions as they are described.

When you are filling out the Inventory and condition form if you do find anything that does need maintenance you will have to fill out a maintenance form separately. You can do this by submitting the request online in your tenant portal account.The inventory and condition form will stay in your personal file in our office and doesn’t constitute a maintenance request. Call us 801-845-4390, option 3, or submitting the request through your Tenant Portal.

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